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Detox Chicago supply a protected and medically supervised procedure for those who wish to take step one toward recovery. Detoxification, also known as detox, is a process used to expel drugs and toxins from the body.  However, there’s an important difference between detox and treatment; detox isn’t to be mistaken for treatment. Although a few people may find the prospect of detox intimidating, Detox Chicago takes each and every precaution to ensure detox is protected and appropriate for each and every client. Detox needs range from person to person, and in lots of instances the ‘cold turkey’ technique isn’t appropriate. At these detox facilities, detox is a customized process for each and every patient, and detox techniques are secure and confirmed. For any questions, or to talk with a detox specialist, call Detox Chicago at (312) 219-2120 now!

What to Expect from Detox

Detox Chicago customizes the detox procedure to maximally benefit each and every client, but there are three common stages to expect. Most importantly, each and every client is evaluated, a step that determines which drug, or drugs, and in what quantities, are present in the client’s bloodstream. It is not unusual for addicts to use a couple of drugs, on occasion in combination with alcohol, which can affect the detox strategies the client requires. After the patient is evaluated, Detox Chicago starts the process of detoxifying the patient’s body from drugs. When the body is cleansed of destructive substances, then Detox Chicago encourages their clients to transition into a customized rehabilitation treatment program with the intention to develop lasting and continual health.

Why Treatment Is Important

Although detox is a powerful first step for some people affected by drug and alcohol addiction, there are underlying psychological elements that can complicate recovery if not correctly addressed. Treatment is very important because, without a clear-cut working understanding of their addiction, many addicts find themselves in familiar situations that cause their drug use. One important factor in the probability of relapse is access to these common places, people, and situations. Recovery is a lot more effective while the addict removed from the surroundings that trigger their addictive behavior.


Relapse is a lot more commonplace when people participate in detox only, so Detox Chicago encourages their clients to continue into a 28-day, 60-day, or 90-day rehabilitation programs to start drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Rehab enhances detox, encouraging the recovering addict to stay clean and sober.  Group and individual counseling, access to the 12-step community, wholesome diversions and physical activities, and wonderful, stress-free accommodations all contribute to the recovery process.  Moreover, clients keep busy with educational programs designed to help them achieve their sobriety and lifestyle goals.

Take the First Step Today!

Detox is more efficient as first step when followed by drug or alcohol treatment. Facilities that only focus on detox are unable to reinforce their clients past step one, but Detox Chicago knows their clients can retain a sober and healthy way of life past detox with the assistance of a rehab program. Though detox cleanses the body of harmful substances and toxins, it doesn’t address the triggers responsible for drug and alcohol abuse in the first place. Without rehab, there’s a much higher chance of relapse.  Detox Chicago, Illinois believes in giving their clients the tools to battle addiction, and wants them to stay clean and sober for the remainder of their life. Take the first step towards sobriety, and talk with a detox expert at (312) 219-2120 now!